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THE organization dedicated  to the promotion of the fishkeeping hobby worldwide


.....Welcome to IFOCAS. It is now 2019, our 19th birthday. We have a membership group for every fishkeeper, group, business and aquarist, whether individual or commercial.........If fishkeeping is your speciality then we are  sure you will find something of interest to you on our site. All  world directories of clubs and aquatic bodies are just one click  away, but while you are here why not join us - it's really  easy.... There has been a slight delay in uplisting new members details recently due to the sheer volume of new members - but do not worry - if you have received your entry codes you are a member even if the public listing is a little delayed

MEMBERSHIP UPDATE!  January 2019. IFOCAS now has over 7,000 aquarist members in over 1,500 organizations spanning over 29 countries and is globally the largest and most influential hobbyist fish group. .


Some quite useful web links we have found that may help viewers to select their requirements. Most are to other Landscaping sites that are also Calypso Group member sites but some are just to other good sites in general - for example - a good dentist in London? or a good information site for fishkeepers ?


Landscaping and Gardening Sites

"Go to " Link

London Landscapers. - Does what it says on the label
Gardeners in North London
"     "
General Sites of Interest  
The International Federation of Online Clubs and Aquatic Societies. IFOCAS
A good dentist in London ?
A good bookshop in California 
A good bookshop in London http://www,
FishOrphans rehoming scheme
A good web hosting company
Fish Data
A good new world web hosting compant

We hope you find the links above helpful and would ask that if you ever find any that are nor working please let us know.